Dr. Barak Atiram

Dr. Barak Atiram is an Assistant Professor in Sapir Academic College.  He obtained his Ph.D. from the Tel Aviv University Law School, where he wrote his doctoral thesis under the guidance of Prof. Henry Smith of the Harvard University School of Law and Prof. Roy Kreitner from TAU.

The doctoral thesis presents a critical theoretical analysis of the collective action problem in legal discourse in general and especially as related to corporations, class actions and property law.

Prior to his doctoral studies, Barak attained an undergraduate and graduate (cum laude) degree in law from Tel Aviv University and another graduate degree from the Harvard University School of Law.

Dr. Airam presented his work in central conferences and workshops as the “Ethics and Transparency in Organizations and their Environment” conference at the Tel Aviv University School of Management; the Annual Conference of the Israeli Association of Law and Economics; Tax workshops at the Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities School of Law; Law & Economics Workshop at the Tel Aviv University School of law; the Israeli Bar Association Workshop on Class Actions and the International Global Law and Policy (IGLP) Workshop at Harvard Law School.

Articles based on his research were published in leading universities’ law journals, including Tel Aviv University (Iuney Mishpat); Hebrew University (Mishpatim); Haifa University (Mishpat Umimshal); Berkeley (Berkeley Journal of African American Law and Policy) and Texas (Review of Litigation and Texas Journal of Civil Liberties & Civil Rights).

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