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03.11.2018 | AYR and ACC Hold Second Privacy Conference

To accommodate the demand, AYR and ACC hold a second one day conference on privacy and data security. AYR Partner Eyal Roy Sage compared Israeli law to the GDPR and reviewed developments since May 2018, when the Israeli Data Security Regulations and the GDPR entered into force. AYR Partner Helit Simchoni reviewed the Data Security Regulation’s provisions on employee screening and training, in light of other labour laws dealing with recruitment practices. And Microsoft Israel’s Director of Legal Commercial Affairs, Ben Haklai presented Microsoft’s GDPR journey and compliance-enhancing technological tools,

Attendees included representatives from Teva, CyberArk, Partner Communications, Dexcel Pharma, Kimberley-Clark, Noble Energy, and many others.

Israeli law and GDPR comparison (Hebrew)

Privacy Updates Since May 2018 (Hebrew)

Employee Screening and Recruitment Under the Data Security Regulations (Hebrew)

Microsoft GDPR Journey

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