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08.10.2018 | AYR in collaboration with ACC: Conference on privacy protection and GDPR regulations

AYR and the Legal Advisors (ACC) held a conference on privacy protection and GDPR on Monday. Attorney Eyal Sage, a partner and director of the privacy, data processing and cybercrime department of the ministry, claimed that the Israeli law enacted in 1981 was out of date, among other things, that recent regulations created dissonance and lack of clarity in current operations. Sage said that most of the questions that are asked on the site are not relevant, and therefore companies will do well if they prepare in advance and renew procedures. Attorney Na’ama Gorni Lehr of the Israel Ministry of Defense, which participated as a guest lecturer, admitted that Israel is not yet in the European position in terms of privacy protection. At the moment, the ISA is mainly concerned with studying the regulations and attempting to answer questions by applicants regarding the implementation of the recently- “It is important for us to have awareness that, despite the importance of the subject, not everyone is aware of the new regulations and it is of the utmost importance that the businesses and all the relevant bodies make regulations.” Adv. Helit Simhoni, Partner and Director of the Labor Law Department at AYR, discusses background checks for employees and questions that may or may not be asked in job interviews. . Also present were: Nira Poran, CEO of ACC, Adv. Inbar Ben Zion Regerman, GRC Consultant and ACC’s Private Forum and Privacy Policy Edva Liveaneu-Justo, HP Legal Advisor Itamar Rosen, Attorney General of Autocar, and others.

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