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26.08.2019 | The court accepted the appeal – the Consumer Protection Authority will refund hundreds of thousands of NIS to Partner and Pelephone

Our firm represented Pelephone and Partner in the appeal against the decision of the Consumer Protection Authority to impose on them financial sanctions claiming that they had misled consumers under various publications in which consumers were invited to join them and receive “4 generation” advanced cellular services, free of charge. The Authority claimed that in the period relevant to the publications, the companies were unable to provide this service and therefore this is a misleading.

In the appeal we furnished evidence to the effect that the Authority’s position was variant and inconsistent, that the service provided by Partner and Pelephone was 4-generation service (as part of the temporary frequency allocation), and that contrary to the claims, the services were presented in coordination with the position of the Ministry of Communication.

In a comprehensive judgment, the Judge accepted our position criticizing the conduct of the Authority. In addition, the court imposed the court costs of Partner and Pelephone on the Authority.

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