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18.03.2015 | District Court Denies an Application to Certify a Class Action Against Partner Ordering Applicant to Pay Costs

AYR represented Partner Communications Company Ltd. in an application to certify a class action filed against Cellcom and Partner on September 14, 2014, in the amount of NIS 31.5 million. In the application to certify, it was claimed, among other things, that Partner and Cellcom shared customer information with one another in an effort to prevent customers from changing phone providers to the other company until the balance was settled with the relevant company. The applicants claimed that the defendants breached their customer’s right to privacy.
The decision handed down by the District Court in Lod on March 18, 2015, accepted the arguments made by Partner, and advised the applicant to withdraw the application to certify and pay expenses in the amount of NIS 10,000 in favour of Partner.

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