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12.03.2015 | Ministry of Interior Grants Ethiopian Immigrant and Combat Solider With Visa

As part of the firm’s pro-bono work, AYR assisted an Ethiopian soldier, who was active in Operation Protective Edge (Israel’s recent war) in applying and receiving a visa to allow him to stay in Israel. The soldier had previously filed a petition to the Administration of Population and Immigration, however, the petition was dismissed. AYR commenced representation before the Administration of Population and Immigration as well as the Appeals Court in order to overturn the decision. Throughout the entire process, AYR remained in constant contact with the IDF and the soldier’s commanders who assisted in flying the solder to Ethiopia in order to bring missing documents required for the petition back to Israel. The Administration of Population and Immigration issued a visa enabling the solder’s wife to immigrate to Israel. At present, the office is working on assisting the wife in obtaining Israeli citizenship.

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