AYR's Planning and Construction Team has rich experience in the field of planning and regulation. The Team continuously assists in the advancement of approval of municipal building plans, and in this context played an active part in the proceedings for approval of National Outline Plan No. 36A. The Team assists many developers in the advancement of municipal building plans, and is also a party to the advancement of plans in the field of quarries, in accordance with Outline Plan No. 14 (mining and quarrying).

The Planning and Construction Team assists some of the leading companies and developers in the country through all stages of the process of specific local outline plans, including preliminary planning examinations and objections.

In addition, the Planning and Construction Team plays an active part in various legislation proceedings on issues of planning and construction, including the approval of regulations under the Planning and Building Law on issues relating to communications and infrastructure. The Team actively assisted in legislative amendments in the field of deployment of home and public charging infrastructure for the electric car venture.

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The matters that we have handled include:

  • The planning and advancement of plans, at a national level, before the National Planning and Building Council, and before the various district and local committees.
  • The provision of project feasibility planning opinions and examinations. 
  • Advancement of planning processes for large-scale projects.
  • Representation of the firm’s clients before the various committees. 
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