Eli Eshel

Eli is a partner in the Real Estate and Urban Renewal Department.

Eli has extensive experience in large-scale, complex real estate transactions, residential, hotels and commercial projects, urban renewal projects, purchase groups, NOP 38 (TAMA) transactions, banking related services and support, equity completion transactions, liens, collaterals, loans and real estate taxation.

Eli is one of the pioneers in Israel in the field of urban renewal and has accompanied projects of evacuation and construction, NOP strengthening and NOP reconstruction, some already populated and others still in the construction and planning stages. Eli accompanies private landowners, small and large real estate development companies, as well as apartment owners in the field of urban renewal.

Eli has been recognized and recommended by The Legal 500 in the field of real estate and construction and urban renewal, including as the most prominent in this field for many years.

Eli served as a member of the presidency of the National Conference on Urban Renewal in NadlanCity, and has been recognized as one of the thirty best attorneys in the country in representing apartment owners in urban renewal issues, as well as among the top three attorneys who received the best reviews by apartment owners in the field of urban renewal.

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