Assaf Lapid
"Lawyer Assaf Lapid works with our group of companies and gives a personal service in every hour of the day via email, work phone and personal phone."
The Legal 500 EMEA 2022
"I work with Assaf Lapid and after many years of using business legal services I have found a lawyer who understand our needs, understand business and strategy, and knows how to solve a problem, or avoid one"
The Legal 500 EMEA 2022
"The individuals I worked with stand out for their vast commercial knowledge and familiarity with Israeli law and the Israeli market. Their knowledge helps us solve commercial issues, while keeping us between the legal boundaries. They are problem-solvers and deal-makers of the highest standard (while guarding our interests)."
The Legal 500 EMEA 2022
“committed to clients and understands their needs”
Legal 500 EMEA 2016
"Excellent "
Iflr1000 2016

Assaf is a partner in the Commercial Department at AYR, and has been an associate since the Firm’s inception. Assaf’s practice focuses on commercial and corporate law, including company law, mergers and acquisitions, hi-tech, corporate financing and project financing.  Assaf consults a long list of Israeli and international companies, both private and public, as well as senior office bearers, on a broad range of commercial issues in a variety of areas including hi-tech, the security industry, transportation, IT, real estate, food, heavy industry, and entertainment.


  • Graduate of Tel Aviv University (LL.B., 2007, cum laude; LL.M, Summa cum Laude).
  • Admitted to the Israeli Bar in 2008.
  • Former administrator of the Student Volunteer Program at the Tel Aviv Office of Execution of Judgments, of “HALEV – The Movement for Fighting Poverty in Israel”, at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.
  • Speaks both Hebrew and English.

Assaf has gained recognition by the leading international ranking guides:

  • The Legal 500 recommended Assaf’s work in Banking and Finance, High-Tech and startups, and Transport.
  • IFLR1000 ranked Assaf as a Notable Practitioner in the practice area of Banking.


  • Complex financing transactions – Assaf advises the Firm’s clients on financing transactions, including the corporate and project financing. In this regard, Assaf has played a central role in the representation of leading corporations, in some of the largest financing transactions done in Israel, including, inter alia, the financing of a real estate project in the sum of approximately NIS 3 billion, the financing of an infrastructure project in the sum of NIS 750 million, the financing of a company in the sum of NIS 700 million, the financing of a company in the field of transportation in the sum of NIS 500 million, etc.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – Assaf advises clients of the Firm and assists them professionally in planning, in the running of negotiations, and in the performance of merger and acquisition transactions of various kinds, including transactions for the acquisition of operations, acquisition of shares, mergers, etc. Over the years, Assaf has taken part in the implementation of many large-scale, high profile international transactions, including in the field of hi-tech, IT, aviation and transportation, industry and the security industry.
  • Hi-tech, tech incubators and start-ups – Assaf provides ongoing advice to many companies in the field of hi-tech, from the preliminary stages of drafting founders’ agreements, through foundation of companies, preparation and handling of fundraising, drafting of loan agreements and investment agreements, protection of intellectual property, employment agreements, employee option agreements, etc.  Among the other noteworthy points of his practice in this field, Assaf also played a central role in the privatization of the last Government tech incubator, and the sale of it to a private investor, and in the raising of capital for private companies in the field of communications and medical development, and in the setting up of one of the most successful accelerators in Israel.
  • Tenders, licenses and franchises, distribution agreements – Assaf advises both public and private companies, entrepreneurs and businessmen on a wide variety of competitive proceedings, license agreements, franchise agreements and distribution agreements. In this context, Assaf assists a number of large corporations in the fields of infrastructure, training and the security industry in local and international government tenders. Assaf also assists the Firm’s clients in their activities for the grant or receipt of licenses, franchises and distribution agreements, opposite international corporations, including international hardware and software giants, large corporations in the fields of fashion, food and industry, rights holders in leading brands, etc.
  • Capital market – Assaf has experience in the provision of legal advice to a large investment house, including the writing of a compliance program, the drafting of procedures and work routines in institutional entities, etc. In the field of issue of securities to the public, Assaf has taken part in representing the controlling shareholder of an Israeli company, which issued shares to the public on Nasdaq in 2012, and which, within a year, issued a huge tender offer in the sum of hundreds of millions of dollars, which set it up as one of the most successful Israeli issues ever effected on the United States capital market.
  • Renewable energy – Assaf took part in the representation of local and international companies in the field of renewable energy, including in the processes of licensing and contracting with suppliers and customers; Assaf also represented large electricity consumers in agreements for the purchase of electricity from private producers of electricity from renewable energy (PPA).
  • Entertainment – Assaf represents a number of personalities who are active in the Israeli entertainment industry, including singers, actors, models, agencies and PR offices, in their various businesses, including talent agreements, production agreements, merchandizing, etc.
  • Prior to joining AYR, upon its foundation, Assaf had been an advocate at Ron Gazit Rotenberg & Co.; during 2006 and 2007, Assaf clerked at Aaronsohn Sher Aboulafia Amoday & Co., under the tutelage of Adv. Gilead Sher, former head of the Political Negotiating Team with the Palestinians, and Director of the Office of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Ehud Barak.




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