Guy Tsafrir

Guy Tsafrir, lawyer, married with three children.


Graduate of Tel Aviv University – Faculty of Law (1991).
Graduate of Tel Aviv University – B.A. in Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities.


For more than a decade, Guy was a managing partner in the law firm of Zellermayer, Pelossof, Tsafrir Rozovsky Toledano & Co with a diversified practice specializing in the key areas of Real Estate Law and Planning & Construction Law, and a comprehensive range of legal issues pertaining to cellular companies.

In real estate law he brings broad and deep experience in accompanying and representing complex projects and urban renewal transactions. With respect to Planning & Construction Law he is proficient in preparing plans, objections and petitions against administration authorities.

Guy represents cellular companies the comprehensive range of issues relating to establishment, preservation and development of the cellular infrastructure as well as regulatory issues and ongoing interface with government and legislation, media matters, environmental protection and accompaniment of entrepreneurs and landowners in a variety of “TAMA 38” issues and urban renewal and commercial law. Guy appears regularly in courts and before Planning & Building committees and appeals committees.

Currently Guy is a consultant at the AYR office.



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