Idan Miller

Idan is a partner in the Insolvency Department at AYR, since 2018.
Idan practices as a legal representative of court-appointed officers, creditors, debtors, investors and banks in insolvency proceedings and as an appointed trustee by the Israeli courts. Idan manages disputes, civil Investigations and proceeding in various matters concerning insolvency.
Idan has extensive experience in corporate recovery, liquidation, stays of legal proceeding, receivership, bankruptcy proceedings and gives ongoing legal advice to commercial companies regarding matters of insolvency and debt collections.
In addition, Idan practices commercial and civil litigation in a verity of legal areas, specializing in disputes and complex civil litigation conflicts deriving from insolvency proceedings, Real Estate projects and complex debt settlements.
Idan graduated at Haifa University at 2003 and holds a combined Law (LL.B) and Economics degree at 2003 and has a Business Major (MBA) from Ben Gurion University.
Idan was tutor and teaching assistant for Prof. R. Ben-Oliel in numerous university courses including ‘Private law’ and ‘banking law’.
Idan serves as a reserve infantry lieutenant commander.
Idan is a member of the Israeli Bar since 2004.
Fluent in Hebrew and English.

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