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23.12.2020 | Congratulations to the firm’s client, Gindi Towers – Tel Aviv, for having completed the acquisition of the plot for building the fourth tower in GINDI TLV complex, formerly the Wholesale Market in Tel Aviv.

The construction of GINDI TLV project, which is one of the complex projects in the Israeli real estate and funding sector, has been going on, including all its stages, since 2015. Its cost is estimated at approximately NIS 4 billion.

The fourth tower, the building of which is to begin soon, joins the two other towers the construction of which was completed and which have been recently occupied, and the third tower which is currently at the peak of construction; all towers have approximately 48 floors and the total number of apartments will amount to approximately 1,540.

The complex transaction was monitored by Advs. Omer Gadish, Aharon Barda, Liat Volanovsky, and Heftsi Moshayov from our Real Estate Department and Advs. Assaf Lapid, Sariel Cohen, and Uri Gold from the Commercial Law Department.

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