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05.01.2020 | ACUM’s lawsuit to triple its royalties from regional radio stations was rejected; our firm represented three of the stations

This morning a judgment was rendered at Jerusalem District Court by the honorable Judge Ram Winograd, in a lawsuit in which our firm represented three of the defendants: Radio Tzafon, Radio Lelo Hafsaka (103), and Eco99.

In the proceeding ACUM tried to enforce on all the regional radio stations a model of royalties which, according to ACUM, is the “reasonable” model. Following a lengthy proceeding that included hearing of witnesses and experts on the subject, the court rejected the lawsuit and ruled that ACUM failed to provide evidence to support its argument as to the model being reasonable. The court accepted our arguments and found that the proposed model of royalties would lead to a drastic decrease in playing Israeli music in the stations and found that also based on this reason the lawsuit should be rejected.

The defendants were represented by Adv. Ram Jeanne, Head of the Litigation Department, Adv. Dana Amir-Fried, a partner in our firm, and Advs. Matan Sherf and Iris Bar-Lev.





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