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01.11.2020 | Adv. Gidon Even-Or, partner at the Litigation Department of AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co., led an international online panel on technology and international arbitration – on behalf of ICC YAF (the Young Arbitrators Forum of the International Chamber of Commerce) which is represented by Adv. Even-Or in Israel and the Middle East.

The panel ‘Arbitrations and Technology: the use of technology and resolution of technological disputes using international arbitrary proceedings” hosted arbitrators and technology experts from London and Paris who examined the synergy between arbitration and technology, and among other things, the use of technology, online platforms and artificial intelligence in arbitrary proceedings, whether and how Covid-19 expedited trends of introducing the use of advanced technology into international arbitrary proceedings, and why the rate of technology-related disputes resolved through arbitration – increases.

The following also participated in the panel:

Stephanie Cohen- Arbitrator, New York;

Claire Morel de Westgaver- Partner, BCLP, London and Co-chair of SVAMC-YP

 Taryn Auchecorne, Business Development Director, Opus 2, London.


The conference was attended by 70 leading litigators, specializing in arbitration, from leading law firms in the U.S., UK, Russia, France, United Arab Emirates, and Israel.

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