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30.05.2018 | Adv. Ruthy Wysenbeek- Shauli sat on the panel deliberating bars to Class Actions during the course of the Annual Bar Association Convention.

Adv. Ruthy Wysenbeek- Shauli, a partner in the class actions departments at our firm participated in the panel concerning “Formal Or Deliberate Bars In Class Actions On Fees, Mediation, Innovations And Developments” during the course of the 18th Annual Israel Bar Association Convention.

Adv. Wysenbeek- Shauli answered the panel Emcee’s question, whether it is appropriate to insist upon a personal claim and said:


“In the State of Israel the class actions tool is exploited, approximately 1500 certification petitions are filed per year and approximately 70% of them are futile claims ending with them being dismissed or stricken. This imposes a huge burden on the legal system and the economy in Israel. Insisting on personal grounds is a way to combat the futile claims while preserving the defendants rights”.

You are welcome to watch the full panel and the rest of the panels that were held during the course of the convention in the following link.


This article was translated courtesy of Tomedes Translation.

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