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19.08.2020 | AYR Firm – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co. – a work laws webinar was held for internal legal consultants in cooperation with ACC Israel, regarding “Companies’ Responsibility to Contract Workers”.

The webinar was led by Adv. Helit Simhoni, manager of the Work Laws Department, with the participation of President Emeritus of the National Labor Court, Mr. Yigal Plitman, who is a special advisor to our firm.

Recently, the National Labor Court published an amendment to its ruling regarding hearing procedures for contract workers before dismissal.

During the Webinar, issues were raised relating to ‘the company’s responsibility to its contract workers’, both in terms of the company/the legal counsel, and the Court.

President Emeritus of the National Labor Court, Mr. Yigal Flitman, responded regarding the amendment and the problem in the ruling regarding Israel Electrical Corporation from the 5.7.20:

“The innovation in this just and correct ruling is that it expands the lawful hearing obligation to third-party employment, in a manner that obligates the client, on the one hand, to hold a lawful hearing for the contract worker, insofar as he requests to change his working conditions significantly, such as prohibiting his placement on the premises; and, on the other hand, in a manner that obliges the contractor to assist his worker in exercising his rights to his claims against the client, regarding the same hearing. The problem lies in the fact that the client and the contractor are obliged, jointly and separately, to compensate the contract worker for an unlawful hearing, regardless of their different obligations for conducting that same hearing and how much they are aware of each other’s violation, including in the event that only one of them violated the law.”

Ninety legal consultants from various sectors participated in the Webinar: the Airport Authority, Leumi Bank, Binat, Shufersal, Shikun & Binui (Housing & Construction), Playtika, Tel Aviv University, Discount Bank, Israel Rails, Aviation industry, BIG compounds, and more.

To view the presentation:  Labor Law Webinar 19.8.2020

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