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04.10.2018 | The battle for the light rail in Bnei Brak continues: “We will stop the water for work on Shabbat”

After the court ordered the continuation of the work on Saturdays despite the petition of the municipality, Mei Barak informed the NCAA and Denya Cebus of its intention to stop supplying water to the work site, and in response, Denya Cebus petitioned the court to forbid the water corporation from supplying them.
Despite the decision of the court, in recent days the companies that have carried out the announcement of the municipal water company. In response, Danya Cebus filed an urgent request today with attorneys Yaniv Dekel and Anat Kerner of the firm of Amar Reiter Jeanne Shocahtovitch & Co. to prohibit the Municipal Water Corporation, owned by the municipality, from cutting the water on Saturdays.

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