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27.05.2020 | Building an additional campus on ‘Ono Academic College’; the college was represented by Advs. Amir Amar, Yacov Cohen and Amnon Kolback

‘Ono Academic College’ entered last night into a long-term lease agreement with ‘Tidhar’ and ‘Harel’ partnership chosen out of several developers to build a modern academic campus at Savion junction on a land of approximately 14 dunam purchased simultaneously by the partnership for the joint project in consideration for 100,000,000 NIS. As part of the transaction, the principles were summarized for constructing the building intended to be used by ‘Ono Academic College’, and the College was given a unique option to buy the building under the conditions that were agreed upon. The total scope of transaction is approx. NIS half a billion. ‘Ono Academic College’ was represented in the pre-transaction proceedings and in the transaction itself by Advs. Amir Amar, Yacov Cohen and Amnon Kolback from our firm.

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