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31.10.2019 | The court ratified the withdrawal arrangement filed in the proceeding of Hagai vs Kavim Public Transportation Ltd.

On August 14, 2017 a class action was filed against “Kavim” bus company in which the plaintiff specified dozens of cases of alleged delays of Kavim bus company, requesting compensation for each early arrival and/or delay and/or failure to arrive of Kavim bus lines during the seven past years.

Our firm, representing the defendant, responded that, inter alia, these are minor percentages that do not point at a “phenomenaon”, and that a zero-bug policy cannot be expected, certainly not in this area of public transportation.

As part of the hearing held at Jerusalem District Court and according to the arguments we raised in response, the Judge recommended the plaintiff to withdraw the claim, and accordingly a withdrawal arrangement was filed.


The translation was executed courtesy of Tomedes Translations

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