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21.04.2015 | District Court Dismisses of NIS 899.4 million Third-Party Claim

A class action was submitted in relation to agreements made between Sonol and its business customers with respect to providing petrol to Sonol.
Our office submitted an application to dismiss the matter on behalf of one of the private gas stations who was served a third-party notice by Sonol, claiming, inter alia, that filing a third-party notice in a class action matter requires leave of the court. It was also argued that the application for leave to file a third-party notice should have been filed during the application for class action status. Finally, it was argued that a third-party claim does not make a third party liable in place of the defendant.
On the basis of a new Supreme Court rule which came into place after the application to dismiss was filed, the Court accepted the claims and instructed the dismissal of the third-party notice while ordering the plaintiff to pay the third party’s expenses totalling more than NIS 100,000.


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