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08.03.2020 | Israel Bar Association held over the last weekend a conference dedicated to real estate laws

Omer Gadish, Head of our Real Estate Department and one of the academic coordinators of the conference, officiated a session on “Real Estate registers – conclusive evidence?”, dealing with various issues arising from the provisions of Section 125 of the Land Law, with the participation of Adv. Joseph Azizian, Land Registrar of Nazeret District, Adv. Rim Srouji, Senior Deputy at Haifa District Attorney’s Office (Civil), and Advs. Leon Amiras and Ori Skuza, who expressed the position of the private sector. Adv. Gadish: We wanted to unite all the relevant parties in this session in order to give the attorneys who practice this field a 360-degree perspective on the issue. Once they have expressed themselves, we can summarize by saying it was an important, fruitful session”.

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