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03.02.2021 | “Let business and companies live” /Adv. Amit Lederman, Head of our firm’s Insolvency Department, in an opinion piece for ‘Globes’.

“There is nothing to be happy about in data about restricted closure of business in 2020, the catastrophe is still ahead of us. From my experience over the past year, interests are the same for business and company owners as well as for creditors, to allow any business that can regularly work without incurring new debts, to continue working even if past debts cannot be timely repaid and should be spread over a very long period of several years. This is the only way we can save the economy and overcome this crisis.”

Adv. Lederman presents the condition of companies and businesses in the economy without any filter, and in view of his experience – offers a long-term solution – reaching out to the relevant parties.

He calls businesses, creditors as well as district courts that deal with insolvency to give companies that can work regularly an opportunity to rehabilitate, also at the cost of a long-term debt rescheduling.

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