The field of infrastructure is one of the firm’s principal specialties. The Planning and Construction Team assists with all aspects of the construction of broad infrastructure in Israel, and uses its unique experience relating to technological markets and issues involving regulation and government tenders.

When constructing various forms of infrastructure, the Team must work in a variety of areas, with an in-depth understanding of each field. The Department’s Team assists leading companies in Israel when setting up infrastructure, and provides them with professional services in all aspects of construction and deployment, and on the regulatory issues that arise due to the deployment of infrastructure grids on a national scale.

The Department’s Team has, for many years, exclusively handled the deployment of the cellular network of one of the leading companies in the State. The Department’s Team currently deals in the setting up of the first venture of its kind in Israel, which deals in the consolidation of cellular communications networks.

In addition, the Department provides legal advice and assistance to large companies and entities on issues relating to quarries, fuel stations, etc., and even exclusively worked on the entire process of the licensing and construction of the charging stations for Better Place Israel Ltd.

The lawyers in the Planning and Construction Department closely follow all legislative, regulatory and case law updates that are relevant to our clients, and are able to provide a current and accurate response to any problem, as complex as it may be.

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The matters that we have handled include:

  • Assistance and advancement of bills in the field of planning and construction relating to the licensing of infrastructure. Representation on Knesset committees in various statutory processes.
  • Formulation of an infrastructure deployment policy in Israel.
  • Handling of various contracts which form the basis for the broad deployment of communications infrastructure.
  • Handling of complex contracts with government authorities and ministries – The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry for Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Justice.
  • Handling contracts with large entities such Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Lands Authority, the Public Works Department, Mekorot, Egged, Bezeq, local authorities.
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