and Gaming

In Israel, there is tight supervision of lotteries and gaming, most of which are prohibited under the Penal Law. We are very experienced in assisting commercial marketing lotteries, and in dealing with technology companies that provide support services for lotteries, gaming and on-line commerce.

In the field of marketing lotteries, the legal services that the firm offers its clients includes assistance in various marketing campaign, from the stage of steering the ideas and the method of implementation thereof, through negotiations and representation at the relevant parties, including media, advertising agencies and authorities, the stages of designing the campaign and setting the framework of rules, and through to performance and debriefing. AYR lawyers also act as supervisors in lotteries that require the appointment of supervisors under the law.

In the field of gaming and on-line commerce, the firm offers regulatory and commercial assistance on matters such as technological development contracts, set-up of call centers, and compliance local and international regulation.

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The matters that we have handled include:

Lottery rules

Contracts for development of trading platforms

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Privacy of customers and employees

Intellectual Property

Compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law

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