and data processing

The Privacy Protection Law was enacted in 1981, well before computers and the internet became ubiquitous. Only modest amendments were introduced to the Law since its enactment. However, the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority regularly issues guidelines in an effort to catch the law up with rapid technological advances, often by aggressively pushing the boundaries of outdated legislation. As a result, the regulation of the collection, storage and processing of data is in a state of constant change.

Our privacy team is well-versed in technology and telecommunications law. This allows it to see the big picture and provide comprehensive advice. We advise domestic multinational companies, participate in legislative and regulatory proceedings, and act in privacy-related litigation.

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Among other things, we advise local and multinational companies on:

    • Exporting personal data for processing abroad (and re-exporting it back  to Israel)
    • GDPR applicability in Israel
    • Online privacy policies
    • Litigation (including class actions)
    • Cloud computing (domestic and overseas)
    • Collection personal data and obtaining consent
    • Collecting personal data from minors
    • Lawful intercept and search warrants of email accounts
    • Data mining
    • Location services
    • Privacy of children
    • Cyber-security
    • Data processing and data security in the banking and insurance sectors
    • Online marketing via social networks
    • Monitoring employee use of company computers
    • PCI compliance
    • Implementing Privacy Impact Assessment programs
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