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03.06.2018 | The 18th annual conference of the Israeli Bar Association: AYR head of litigation department, Adv. Ram Jeanne, participated in a session on the Israeli legal system procedural activism.

In his remarks, Adv. Jeanne referred, inter alia, to the statement that the Israeli legal system is an adversarial method:

The starting point of which we are in an adversarial court system is not accurate in my opinion. We were used to thinking that we were in an adversarial court system and if a judge deviates from such system he becomes an inquisitor. Our method is not a purely adversary method and there are ordinances that exist today in the law as well as ruling of the Supreme Court of an inquisitorial nature”.

You are invited to view the words of Adv. Jeanne in the full session and in all the other sessions that were held during the conference at the following link.

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