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11.01.2017 | The Antitrust Tribunal Finally Orders IFPI, an Association of the Recording Industry, to Grant Licences to IPTV Operators

The Antitrust Tribunal has intermittently debated IFPI, an association of record labels that collectively grants licences to radio and TV broadcasters. Most IFPI members did not allow IFPI to grant licences for new media uses. Partner Communications alleged that this practice was discriminatory against new media. The Antitrust Authority agreed with Partner’s position, and after attempts that lasted several years, IFPI was forced in December 2016 to grant licences to IPTV  operators on non-discriminatory terms. The Tribunal approved this arrangement in January 2017. Partner Communications intends to begin its IPTV offers by mid-year.

AYR’s Eyal Roy Sage acted for Partner Communications.

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