Dorit Karny

Dorit is an associate with the firm’s insolvency department and handles the various proceedings, day to day maintenance and legal consulting pertaining to the field, including corporate restructuring and liquidation of various corporations (public and private companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations), realization of pledges and bankruptcies. Within said proceedings and cases, Dorit represents court-appointed office holders, creditors and the very corporations in question. Dorit also counsels other parties involved in insolvency proceedings (investors, buyers etc.). Additionally, Dorit has a unique specialty in cross-border insolvency proceedings and representation of foreign financial entities before Israeli courts.
Dorit also provides services in the field of commercial litigation, handling claims derived from either insolvency law or securities and corporate law. Dorit has ample experience representing clients in district courts.
Dorit served as research assistant to Prof. David Hahn (the erstwhile Official Receiver) and to Prof. Sinai Deutsch, assisted Dr. Ori Ahronson in teaching Civil Procedure at Bar-Ilan University, and was a member of the editorial board of Bar-Ilan University’s law review.
Dorit holds an LLB (magna cum laude) from Bar-Ilan Uni, as well as other degrees (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University, and has received, along with other accolades, the prestigious Prof. Nathan Rottenstreich three -year subsistence scholarship for outstanding PhD students.
Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2013.
Fluent in Hebrew and English.

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