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11.06.2020 | The High Court of Justice rules: ‘Ono Academic College’ may activate a B.A. in Sportherapy and by doing so it does not violate physiotherapists’ freedom of occupation; ‘Ono Academic College’ was represented by Advs. Yaniv Dekel and Keren Iscovitch.

This ruling rejects the petition of the Israeli Physiotherapy Society and the Israeli Association of Physiotherapists. The judges of the High Court of Justice ruled that they have no cause to interfere with the professional discretion of the Council for Higher Education that approved the program.

Inter alia, the High Court of Justice clarified that the overlap between Sportherapy and physiotherapy is not unusual or in violation of the law, that these are nevertheless two different areas, and that the petitioners have no right to prevent competition.

In addition, the petition was filed in delay.

“The High Court of Justice qualified a new academic degree in Sportherapy directing certain criticism against the Israeli Association of Physiotherapists – it is not the physiotherapists’ freedom of occupation which is being compromised, but rather they are the ones who sought to restrict the freedom of occupations of others. Congratulations are due to the college and its Sportherapy students; the third year of this program will open on the next academic year” – this was the response of the handling attorney of ‘Ono Academic College’, Advs. Yaniv Dekel and Keren Iscovitch from our firm’s Commercial Litigation Department.

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