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10.09.2020 | A precedent-setting achievement for our office: for the first time, the Court has ruled that the corona virus justifies non-compliance with the terms of the contract; the sellers will be represented by Advs. Amit Lederman and Dorit Karny from our firm.

A precedent-setting achievement for our firm: The District Court has accepted the claim of the sellers – who are represented by Adv. Amit Lederman, Head of the Insolvency Department, and Adv. Dorit Karny of the Department of Insolvency, Recovery of Companies and Creditors’ Arrangements – that the corona pandemic establishes the grounds for foiling, and ordered the approximate execution of the contract.

In the circumstances of the Corona virus, Advs. Lederman and Karny appealed to the Bankruptcy Court with an application to instruct in respect of postponement of the date of eviction and they indicated, inter alia, the legal doctrines that enable this.

Based on the claims presented by Advs. Lederman and Karny, the District Court accepted a groundbreaking ruling on the matter of the implications of the crisis regarding how contractual charges are to be executed.

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