Environmental issues cover almost every area of planning and construction and naturally, the Team in the firm's Planning and Construction Department is required to deal with many aspects of this field. The Planning and Construction Team has rich experience in issues of environmental protection, and acts opposite the authorities that are responsible for the subject, as well as directly with the Ministry for Environmental Protection and the Commissioner for Environment Radiation for the Ministry for Environmental Protection. The Team has dealt with a wide variety of legal proceedings on issues relating to the environment. In addition, the team also assisted and was a party to the enactment of the Non-Ionized Radiation Law, 5766-2006, and the regulations that have been made under it.

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The matters that we have handled include:

  • Handling of the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s venture relating to the continuous monitoring of all of the broadcast sites deployed around the State of Israel. 
  • Assistance and representation in issues of environmental legislation, including the Non-Ionized Radiation Law, 5766-2006, and the regulations made thereunder. 
  • Provision of opinions on questions of environmental protection. 
  • Representation in hearings opposite the Ministry for Environmental Protection. 
  • Assistance to clients in setting wo
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