Our firm represents governmental entities, private entities and hybrid public entities, and has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in assessment, management, and dealing with tenders and similar competitive procedures. Our firm accompanies its clients, both as procedure editors and as candidates, from first preparations to representation in courts.

Based on the knowledge the lawyers at our firm gained in principles of law and tenders in particular, along with experience in litigation of complex litigation procedures in administrative courts and in the highest judicial courts, our firm knows to offer its clients professional services, including all that is associated with the preparation and editing of tender procedures and competitive processes, and in terms of knowing tenders - from reading and assessments, to the stages of litigation in cases of winning or not winning in tenders.
Our attorneys in this department, help clients navigate in the field, and often - through creative solutions and correct reading of the legal situation – have brought significant success for their clients, including dramatic changes in large-scale tenders, disqualification of competing candidates, disqualifying winners and more.

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