We understand our customers’ needs and the market in which they operate. In today's market, incentive plans and remuneration given to employees, managers and service providers, are an integral part of every organization's strategy to preserve its vital manpower. Our lawyers accompany clients in analyzing, understanding, and laying out a suitable incentive plan for them, with the professional accompany of the tax and labor departments in our firm, consolidating for each individual customer a suitable compensation strategy, with the necessary legal aspects.

Today's competitive market, dictates the need of many companies and organizations to attract and preserve executives, consultants and employees, who are key figures in the organization’s activities. Today, one of the most common and main tool is a compensation plan. The firm aids to a variety of customers, ranging from private companies, early-stage startups and public companies, with the wording, formulation and implementation of compensation plans for employees, service providers, consultants and senior officers. The firm provides its customers with professional advice that combines a number of fields in which our firm operates, including - taxation, labor law, capital market and securities, and corporate and commercial law.

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