Taxation law in Israel is one of the most complex and complicated fields of Israeli law, which is constantly adapting to the many reforms and changing and complex case law both in Israel and overseas.
The uniqueness of the professional team in the Taxation Department at AYR is in its rich experience (around 18 years’ worth) in all levels of Israeli tax law. The team provides its customers, both corporate and private, with a broad-based legal service that integrates into it a treatment of taxation issues, both civil and criminal, due to the understanding that in tax law, all relevant issues must be taken into account, in every case.

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The matters that we have handled include:

Applications for voluntary disclosure.

Income tax assessments.

Value added tax assessments.

International taxation opinions.

Taxation of individuals.

Taxation of companies / corporations.

Management of proceedings in court.

Advice to organizations and institutions.

Criminal assistance from the investigation stage through to the sentence.

Civil assistance vis-à-vis the various taxation authorities.

National Insurance.

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